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Please note: For all foreigners visiting China a visa is necessary. Invitation letters will be issued at request.These requests should be send to Ybin Feng, secretary of LES China, at e-mail zhaohui@ccpit-patent.com.cn.

Welcome to our International Annual Conference 2016

Dear Attendees, LES Members, future members and friends,

It is my honour and privilege to invite you to LESI 2016 conference in Beijing. This is a very opportune time to meet in Beijing, as the importance of China to the World economy continues to grow and China focuses on promoting innovation and IP commercialization.

Our friends from LES China have prepared an excellent program that will be informative and helpful for licensing professionals and foreign companies with an interest in China. The program will include examples of successful Chinese companies doing business with the rest of the World, and additional programs with an international focus.

There will be ample opportunities to net work with fellow licensing professionals from many different countries. The conference organizing committee also is planning social events that will allow attendees to experience the fascinating local culture while they network.

I hope to welcome you in Beijing on May 15-18, 2016



James Sobieraj
President LES International



....Welcome to Beijing!


LES China is especially delighted and privileged to host again the LESI Annual Conference, after our first hosting of it in 1994. And it is both my honour and my pleasure to invite you to come to the city, to share views and ideas with fellow LES members and other industry professionals, to enjoy the program and activities we have prepared for you, and to experience Beijing, which, interestingly, is home to many impressive heritage sites worthy of visits or revisits, and yet full of vigour with numerous headquarters of multinational corporations, established and start-up high-tech companies, and key IP institutions and communities of the country.


The theme of this year's conference is "Booming Licensing on the Silk Road". We appreciate the chance to gather here the wisdom and knowledge of leading professionals across the globe to address some of the challenging issues related to licensing and technology transfer, when innovation and commercialisation of IP have become an increasingly important part of the global economy. We hope that just like the ancient Silk Road which thrived on economic and cultural exchanges between the western and the oriental worlds, the conference can move us closer toward booming licensing through exchanges of knowledge and views and collaborative efforts.     


We look forward to seeing you in Beijing.



Li Yong
President LES China

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